The Primary Fuel of Healthy Growth – an Inquisitive Attitude

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”- Albert Einstein

From the moment an infant gains consciousness towards the end of an adult’s life, it is within our nature to be curious of our surroundings. Be it a toddler responding to peculiar sounds or a distinguished researcher trying to crack the mysteries of the universe, we are constantly intrigued by the unknown and as a result, drawn to understand it. This said curiosity draws us to learn and more importantly discover our surroundings. Continue reading “The Primary Fuel of Healthy Growth – an Inquisitive Attitude”

Inquiry: Our Natural Gift, Our Duty to Grow It

Inquiry is something that each and every one of us do all day everyday – it’s how we function as humans, born curious and constantly seeking for answers yet to be discovered. It is also the reason that mankind is the fastest developing species with advanced technology that essentially roots from discovery. This unique characteristic in humans is what sets us apart from the other living creatures on earth, making it arguably the most important element in mankind. Continue reading “Inquiry: Our Natural Gift, Our Duty to Grow It”

A Healthy Conflict: Debate

From daily arguments with peers in your local coffee shop to competitive debates held in schools and universities, and even extending to aggressive politicians contending for different motions to be passed… debates exist not just to satisfy disagreements, but more importantly reflect the very nature of our democratic world. Continue reading “A Healthy Conflict: Debate”

Beeducation Learning Experiences

Education is the cornerstone of mankind’s progress. For decades, learning has been confined to classrooms and textbooks which ultimately lead to the loss of interest and restriction in creativity. Staying in our old ways of education has caused students worldwide to be frustrated or in more serious scenarios, give up the idea of education. Continue reading “Beeducation Learning Experiences”