Grasping Knowledge

“Ah! I can’t seem to recall what it is about but I vaguely remember studying it in school.” How often has this happened to you or someone else?

Have you ever wondered if all those years spent reading, memorizing and learning was effective enough? Also, how much information was actually understood and stayed as a form of knowledge inside your head? Yes, it’s a given that our minds are not all great and perfect, but we are a uniquely intelligent species that if given the right approach, our brains can engage very well. Continue reading “Grasping Knowledge”

Syllabus and Curriculum? Same Thing?

Yes? No? Maybe…?

In my 10 years working as an educator, I have encountered many that are oblivious to the differences between syllabus and curriculum. This is especially true when I talk to parents and they tend to mix the words around thinking it gives the same meaning. It is one of those scenarios where people confuse terms with similar meaning like admit and confess or belief and faith. Continue reading “Syllabus and Curriculum? Same Thing?”

Context into Content: Using Lenses

As we look around us, all types of content are scattered surrounding us. A content generally refers to differing communicating medians that have information in them. This said information is often times approached at its face value or the general consensus of society if one does not understand the importance of context. Approaching information this way is one of the unproductive habits that we as a society practice as it misleads. It is important to see beyond the surface when we are given information, as infamous saying goes: never judge a book by its cover. Continue reading “Context into Content: Using Lenses”

Parental Guide: Are we all forgetting one important element in discipline?

As parents, we place so much emphasis on the growth of our kids. Personally, I spend so much on parental guidance books constantly or even expensive educational toys and resources for my kids just to ensure that they will grow up to be successful adults. Others even work extra jobs just to provide rare (and rather expensive) opportunities like piano and fencing lessons to their children that even we as the parents, never even had the opportunity to think about it whilst growing up. Our instincts to want give give our child the best as parents is unparalleled. After all, our kids are not simply just the future but rather… the center of our universe as parents. Continue reading “Parental Guide: Are we all forgetting one important element in discipline?”

The Primary Fuel of Healthy Growth – an Inquisitive Attitude

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”- Albert Einstein

From the moment an infant gains consciousness towards the end of an adult’s life, it is within our nature to be curious of our surroundings. Be it a toddler responding to peculiar sounds or a distinguished researcher trying to crack the mysteries of the universe, we are constantly intrigued by the unknown and as a result, drawn to understand it. This said curiosity draws us to learn and more importantly discover our surroundings. Continue reading “The Primary Fuel of Healthy Growth – an Inquisitive Attitude”