The Importance of Parental Involvement

As mankind ushers into modernity, relationships between humans seem to grow more distant as our technology flourishes. One most important aspect of society: the daily household family is under threat from this modern disease of separation

Many countries like Sweden, Denmark, Belgium saw the importance in family values thus ensuring forward-thinking parental leave policies which can easily grant a year of leave at full pay2. The importance of individual and family is immeasurable however the primary focus is to ensure the well up-bringing of a child. Unfortunately, many parents misunderstand the appropriate techniques and resolve to bombarding children with all kinds of classes, tuitions and lessons. While it might increase a specific skill however a healthy growth is ignored as the children are often overwhelmed and disconnected with their parents3.

In order to challenge the problems above, many recognized organisations (such as the WHO4, NEA5, UNICEF6) are highly encouraging parents to perform leisure activities with their kids which generally include outdoor activities, special events, vacations and so on. On top of building stronger family ties, many studies have shown that doing so reduces behavioural problems and emotional distress while promoting academic performance and positive character building in the child7. Students with higher parental involvement are also twice less likely to be involved in substance abuse and their probability of proceeding to postsecondary education is higher8.

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