Beeducation Learning Experiences

Education is the cornerstone of mankind’s progress. For decades, learning has been confined to classrooms and textbooks which ultimately lead to the loss of interest and restriction in creativity. Staying in our old ways of education has caused students worldwide to be frustrated or in more serious scenarios, give up the idea of education. Despite general views, learning can be exciting! This is accomplished through the kindling of passion and understanding for knowledge which in turn elevates our experience of the world. Educating students using the real world allows future generations to be well-prepared for life. Be it visiting earthquake resistant skyscrapers to teach the importance of symmetry in mathematics or understanding the importance of themes within literature from the study of cultural sites, it creates much more exciting environment for learning! This leads to the understanding of subject based content as opposed to sheer memorisation of facts.

We at BeED have successfully accomplished the above by specializing in experiential learning which promotes a better attitude towards knowledge. Our “Learning Experiences” are carefully designed to enhance the process of education by taking the boredom out of classrooms and making the world our playground for learning instead! This is achieved by applying various renown syllabuses (such as the IGCSE & Singaporean Syllabus) towards touristic points of interests in different countries which currently include China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and many more to come. Through making the world our “classroom”, students’ passion for knowledge are easily rekindled and relating with the environment makes learning interactively fun!

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